Photo and Video rightel

Photo and Video Contest “A Full Moon” with Ramadan

rightel to hold a photography contest with the theme of Ramadan is a short film. Works with the most “Likes” to obtain, as the winners are announced.

Photo and Video rightel
For a short film contest can visit the website cinematography address, select option register. At this point the registration link will be sent to you via email. After the registration process or membership, you can participate in a video contest full moon, visit the contest page addresses / mahekamel to upload your video. Then the video URL to share with your friends by clicking on the option Likes to give you points.
Photography can participate in the contest Web site referred Lnzvr address and registration options to choose from. After the registration process or membership, you can participate in the photo contest page Full Moon Contest “full month” to address / mahekamel and upload your photos there. The address can share your photos with friends Likes to click on options, you will score.
* Required Please include your phone number in the registration process so we can contact you in case we win.

Terms contest photos and videos
Contest is open to the public.
Of either a single color or in black and white or color.
All photos must be jpg format with no frames and a maximum size of 4 MB to be sent.
Hdaksrhjm film submissions should be larger than 100 MB.
Organizer the right to use accepted works (with the photographer’s name) for reserves.
Works that are contrary to Islamic rules and regulations of the contest will be deleted.
If you submit more than one work, as Hrasrbayd be different.
If the person or persons who provided photographs and videos, you have people, you have written consent. It is responsible for all legal matters.
rightel participants are allowed to use the entries in all of its promotional activities.
Only the creator or owner of the winner will be posted.
Post to website works competition means acceptance of the regulations.

Prizes Film Section:
First prize: an iMac + a + Modem Wireless Data Card Dongle rightel
Second prize: a MacBook Pro + a + Modem Wireless Data Card Dongle rightel
Third Prize: an iPhone 5 + a postpaid rightel

Photos of Awards:
First person camera: Canon 6D (with Lens) + a + Modem Wireless Data Card Dongle rightel
Second: The camera is a Canon 700D + SIM + Modem Dongles Data rightel
Third person camera: Canon 650D + a + Modem Dongle Wireless Data Card rightel

Special Jury Award at the rightel:
It is the judgment of masters of photography and film.
Selected people film competition: an iPad + a data SIM Wright
Selected people photo contest: an iPad + a data SIM rightel

Under an agreement with the charity called Daheshpoor, per 10,000 Likes (aye), a wish tree wishes Kvkan with cancer, will be fulfilled. Charity supporting children with cancer undergoing Daheshpoor B., wishes to symbolize a tree called the “Tree of Dreams” in charities and donors attach, any hope that they wish to meet.

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